Supaholic Waiver

Coming to Paddle? Please read and complete the form. Please also aks all people coming with you to read and fill in the form online. By filling in this for online form you save the environment! The less paper we use the better ;.) And we save a lot of time when we start the activity! |

Sup&peddel | Waiver
Nice that you are coming to paddle board with Supaholic. However, before starting it is important to read the waiver. These waiver / general rental conditions apply to activities offered by Supaholic. Under the form you indicate that you have taken note of the general rental conditions and that you agree with them.
Participant = person (m / f) who rents (SUP) equipment and / or takes part in (guided) (SUP) activity. Supaholic = company that takes care of rental, (un) guided activities and instruction. Participant declares to be in good health and to be in possession of a swimming diploma, or to have good swimming skills.
Participant declares not to be under the influence of drugs and / or alcohol. Use and / or being under the influence of drugs and / or alcohol is not allowed during the activity / rental period.
Material will only be provided on presentation of a valid identity document and a completed and signed form. Supaholic will not provide this information to third parties.
Supaholic ensures that the material provided is in good condition. The participant will take care of the rented equipment and return it in good condition. If there is damage to the rented equipment, the participant will compensate Supaholic for this. By signing these terms and conditions, the participant grants permission to Supaholic to take photos of him / her while exercising the (SUP) activity and to post them on her website or social media.
Supaholic is in no way liable for personal injury or damage of any kind, regardless of the cause, prior to, during or as a result of the activity / rental period, unless there is demonstrable intent or gross negligence by Supaholic . The legal compensation is limited to a maximum of the (SUP) rental of the activity in question.
Participant will at all times observe the decency standards that apply on and around the water. The participant respects the natural environment with the associated rules. Participant declares to agree with these general terms and conditions and to have taken note of the accompanying SUP instruction which has been carried out orally. Clear instructions are given as to where you can and cannot paddle board. You must follow the instructions given before you go out on the water. It's not the
The intention is that you take the SUP somewhere else than the location indicated during the instruction.
The participant declares that he has understood the instruction provided by Supaholic and the participant indemnifies Supaholic against any obligation to pay compensation to third parties, however named and by whomever suffered, which damage was caused as a result of the (SUP) activity and / or the use of the material provided by Supaholic.
The tenant is obliged to return all rented materials to the lessor at the previously agreed time. If the agreed time is exceeded, the additional rental costs will be passed on to the tenant, rounded up to full hours
Participant rents equipment and / or takes part in SUP activity entirely at his own risk.
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